Data Analysis

Become A Globally Certified Data Analyst with Excel & Power Bi

In this training, you will learn the skills you need to analyze and visualize data using Microsoft Excel and Power Bi. Live in Nigeria and work remotely for companies abroad as a Data Analyst + Visa Sponsorship Jobs.


Our Data Analysis course covers a wide range of topics to ensure you gain a solid understanding of data analysis fundamentals as well as advanced techniques. The curriculum is structured to provide a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application

What You Will Learn

In this course, you'll learn the most effective ways to go about studying data, using professional and complex datasets, and developing fundamental data skills and knowledge.

In this module, you will learn the foundations of working with data and the mindset required to succeed, the data analysis process and the skills required to become a Professional Data Analyst.

Data science project failure can often be attributed to poor problem definition. In this module, you will the techniques for defining the need for data analysis by framing up a business problem in a way that can be addressed with data.

In this module, you will learn how to collect and prepare data by organizing data into a spreadsheet using worksheets and tables. You will also learn how to standardise it by cleaning and removing duplicates and other unnecessary details.

In the modules, you will learn different Microsoft Excel and Power Bi tools and expert techniques to extract to help you interpret and understand the data and arrive at conclusions that can be used to help organizations make data-driven decisions.

In this unit, you learn how to interpret data and come up with the best courses of action based on your findings to solve a business problem. You will learn how to think like a Expert Data Analyst.

In this unit, you will learn how to present data in a way that people can read and understand it by using charts, graphs, maps, bullet points, or a host of other methods. Visualization helps derive valuable insights.

In this course, you will execute between 15 to 20 mini-projects and 3 Capstone Projects to prepare you for job opportunities in data. We know exactly what you need to get a job as a data analyst and we will equip you with all the skills and confidence that you need to land any job opportunity in data analysis.

In this segment of the training, We will help you prepare for technical and HR interviews for Data Analysis Roles. Also, we will provide you with training in CV writing skills and LinkedIn Optimization. Everything you need to grab any job opportunity.

In this segment, you will have a Ask-Me-Anything session with a top data analyst to guide you further.

In this segment, a top freelancer will share with you a blueprint that guarantees you to make at least $1,000 Monthly working Remotely As A Data Analyst… Even if you know nothing about remote work.

The Skilled Worker visa allows qualifying individuals to come to the UK to work for an approved sponsor in an eligible role. We will give you a Guide on How To Apply for Skilled Worker Visa and Tech Nation Visa.

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Why You Should Take This Course

Data Analysis Is One Of The Most In Demand Skills In The World Today

The average salary of a data analyst in the US is ranging between $66k-$100k (N76,230,000-N115,500,000).

With this training, you will have all the skills, knowledge, techniques and tools that will make it super easy for you to get jobs in data analytics. Guaranteed.


Expert Instructors

Our Instructors are among the best I.T Trainers and Consultants in Nigeria.

100% Practical Training

This program is designed to hold you by the hand and show you all the tools, trick and techniques practically. You will learn all these by DEMONSTRATION. No theory.

Internship + Job Assistance

Four (4) weeks into the Course, you will begin your Internships with 2 among the global top 5 consulting firms where you will build and apply your knowledge and skills to real world business problems. Upon course completion, we will support you through your job search and you will get exclusive  access to our dedicated job group to apply for relevant jobs.

Training Details

No need to quit your job or school, you can enhance your professional and earning potential with our weekday, weekend and online sessions.

Weekday Session

Day: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Time: 10 AM - 1 PM

Duration:  6 Weeks

Start Date: 13th May 2024

Weekday Session

Day: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Time: 7PM - 9PM

Duration:  6 Weeks

Start Date: 22nd May 2024

Weekend Session (Saturday & Sunday)

Saturday Time: 1PM-4PM

Sunday Time: 1PM-4PM

Duration:  8 Weeks

Start Date: 18th May 2024