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Service Overview

As a brand/business owner, you need a game plan for attracting prospective clients so as to achieve a sustainable edge over rival brands. This game plan should communicate the brand's identity, mode(s) of operation, products and services.

Solutions We Offer

Our Team of Market Strategists show brand owners where, when and how to advertise their goods and services. Some of our areas of interest are:

Product Marketing

We ensure that you are marketing a product or rendering a service that has demand in the market, fully aware of the uses of the product, and clearly state what your brand has to offer.

Promotion Strategy

We help you decide the best, cost-effective and most efficient means to advertise your brand, whether through paid advertising or through public relations.

Price Definition

Here, we help you determine the price(s) of the products/services after considering factors such as cost of production, competition, demand, and more.

Place Strategy

This is where we help you figure out the location of your business after due consideration of closeness to customers, closeness to competition and so on.

Our Process

  • Company
  • Customers
  • Competitors

Your brand has to be well-defined through the vision, mission, logo, location, organization, mode of operation.

Your target audience has to be defined in terms of their spending power, their needs, their ages.

You also have to be aware of your competition, how they operate, their marketing strategies, their financial stand.

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