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Client Details

Better Homes and Garden
654, Station Road, NewYork.

Services Provided

Logi Design, Print,

Project Timeline

3 Days for Logo Design and Print

Project Overview

This has been one of our favorite projects to date. We developed a special relationship with the client that in turn exposed our work to a wide range of big better job opportunities.  

We started by picking the brains of our client and gathering as much information as possible to bring his creative idea to life. We tried to leave no stone unturned. After a brief analysis, we proceeded to market research. We looked to analyze the competitors and their common traits characteristics. All that was incorporated to ensure our clients’ design will not be lacking in critical updated features to avoid being obsolete. Doing that also gave us context to what the design was to look like. And we also tried to make the design as unique as possible to avoid being accused of infringement.


With all that out of the way, we proceeded to sketching and brainstorming. After various scribbles, we then proceeded to choose which three were the best and most effective fit for our client and the company. We work to try and offer more than one option to the client. That way, the decision will be solely made by the paying client. After we digitized the rough sketches and refined them (giving the image color and intricate design.) After we presented the finished work and the Client made a choice we proceeded to test the designs in real-life situations. We performed cross-browser tests to make sure the design was in optimum shape for any visitor on any browser and any device and we also created mock-ups on flyers, websites, clothing material, etc.